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If you have already filed for unemployment in Arkansas, Unemployment gives you a temporary income after a job loss. When you file unemployment in Arkansas, the benefits you receive will be based on what you were paid over the previous 12 months. The more you earned, the more you'll be paid until you reach your maximum benefit amount for the year. It isn't difficult to file unemployment in Arkansas, but you must be prepared with the proper paperwork in advance.

The Application for Unemployment Insurance Benefits gets your information into the system, but it doesn't start the payment cycle. To get paid, you must file a new unemployment claim each week. Each new claim must be filed within seven days after the Saturday of the previous claim. So if you start to file your weekly claims on a Tuesday, you should continue to file every Tuesday. You can file your weekly claim online by going through ArkNet at www.arknet.arkansas.gov (Arkansas Internet Continued Claims System). You may also call Arkline at 501-907-2590. Whether you use ArkNet or Arkline, you will establish a PIN (Personal Identification Number) through the system before you start the process. Directions will be given to you either online or over the telephone for establishing your PIN. With the PIN, your Social Security number, and your total gross earnings and hours if you worked during that week, you can login to file your claim through ArkNet or Arkline. When you file the claim, you'll be asked a series of questions which will determine your unemployment benefit eligibility. Either way, you'll be informed that your claim was accepted or that you need to call your local Department of Workforce Services office.

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