ucclaim-wi.org - File Wisconsin Unemployment Claim Online

Open up your Internet browser and go to:
https://ucclaim-wi.org/InternetInitialClaims/InfoBasicRequirements.asp. Click continue on the page to start your claim. You will be given a choice between have a pin and need a pin. If this is your first time, you will click need a pin. If not click I have a pin and enter the code when prompted on the screen. Enter your Social Security number and choose a pin that you will remember in the boxes on the screen. Click file my claim and certify as needed. Make sure your information is correct before you file your Wisconsin unemployment claim. Wait until you receive confirmation in the mail. You can also enter your banking information online to receive your unemployment via direct deposit right into your checking or savings account. And you may even get a little bonus cash for saving the state of Wisconsin some money on postage.

Website: ucclaim-wi.org

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