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It is important to file an unemployment claim quickly if you have recently lost your job in Kentucky. Unemployment insurance benefits cannot start until you file the claim. If your have lost or job or your hours have been reduced from no fault of your own, you may be eligible for unemployment insurance. The economy in Kentucky like the rest of the United States has not been in a downturn lately and the result is many layoffs across the state. If you have recently lost your job, Kentucky allows you to file the unemployment application online or by phone. You should file an unemployment claim in Kentucky as soon as possible so there is no delay in receiving benefits.

Apply for unemployment insurance benefits in the state of Kentucky at https://uiclaims.des.ky.gov/ebenefit the site for the Kentucky Office of Employment & training unemployment insurance claim filing. Those who are unemployed in KY can file bi-weekly continued unemployment claim too. Check your eligibility. At the UI internet claims system you will find filing tips & know what are the requisites in the process while you file for your unemployment insurance. Please note that in order for your claim to be filed it is important you receive the confirmation number. As with other states employment in Kentucky is in a bad shape with people losing jobs. Go to the link below for details on application & more.

Website: uiclaims.des.ky.gov/ebenefit

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