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If you have recently been laid off or become unemployed it is very important that you know how to file unemployment in California so you can begin collecting benefits as soon as possible.

You have three options for filing unemployment in California. You can file unemployment online, over the phone, or in person. Filing for unemployment online is your quickest option especially since there are especially long lines on the phone and in person due to the economic climate. See the last step for how to file on the phone or in person/by mail.

To file unemployment in California online, first you need to go to https://eapply4ui.edd.ca.gov/htm/cpgPreScreen1.htm which is California's Department of Employment Development. You also need to gather all the necessary information to file unemployment in California.

Online, you will first start to file unemployment in California by answering a few basic questions about your previous employment. This will determine if you are eligible for unemployment benefits. If you qualify to file unemployment online based on the first eight questions, you will then be directed to a longer page in which you will submit all your personal information and employment information.

Once you have entered all of your information you are basically done filing your unemployment claim in California. Make sure to record you PIN at the end of the process and follow the state's requirements for job searching so that you do not lose your benefits.

To file by unemployment in California by phone, call 1-800-300-5616. Make sure to have all the information ready and be prepared for a long wait!

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