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Dwd.Wisconsin.gov/ui is the website for Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Unemployment insurance. Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development provides unemployment insurance benefits to people who have lost their jobs. It allows people to enroll beforehand and in times of crisis, they are the only friend who stands by the side of the unemployed.

Choose whether to claim unemployment in Wisconsin by telephone or online. If you want to use the online Visit ucclaim-wi.org If you’ve never had to claim unemployment in Wisconsin or you have questions, it's best to file by telephone. Either way, the procedure is similar. The important thing is to file quickly. Your unemployment benefits are paid from the time you file, not the date you were out of work.

You Need: Social security number, Information on your employment and earnings for 5 previous quarter

File your claim by telephone using one of these phone numbers: for Madison (608) 232-0678, for Milwaukee (414) 438-7700 or all other areas call toll free at (800) 822-5246. For a TTY connection, call toll free at (888) 393-8914.

Press 1 when your call is answered. This will take you to an automated program that will ask you a series of questions, and then connect you with a staff person. You will need your social security number. You’ll also need to provide the names and addresses of all employers for the previous 5 quarters (15 months) and the income you had in each quarter. This information is used to determine if you are eligible to claim unemployment in Wisconsin and the amount of your benefit.

Allow 2 weeks for your first check to arrive if you qualify for unemployment benefits in Wisconsin. You will be sent a notice of whether or not you qualify and the amount of your benefit. You will also be sent a handbook that provides full details about the rules governing unemployment claims in Wisconsin.

Remember that you must call in once a week to claim unemployment in Wisconsin. The week officially runs from Sunday to Saturday and you call in after the week ends. If you don’t call in, you will not receive a check; if you wait too long, you may have to re-apply from scratch. Check the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development website dwd.wisconsin.gov for the phone numbers you call to claim your unemployment each week.

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